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A tech community empowering growth locally, regionally, and globally

We are the hot spot for the creative and tech community in Oradea and aim to become the most relevant creative tech community in the region.

Oradea Tech Hub is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 by a group of enthusiasts from the tech field. It enjoys the support of most major technology and software companies in Oradea, Oradea City’s Hall, and the city’s academic environment in achieving its goals.

OTH is interested in helping develop the new trend where small towns compete with big cities as technological hubs, offering more than just similar opportunities, but a better quality of life as well.

We aim to transfer know-how and results to the local community through our work, in order to make it more attractive to the national and international tech sector, thus creating more opportunities, jobs, and building credibility on Oradea’s real potential.


People empowered our growth from idea to practice and beyond


To build the community at the core of the regional tech ecosystem

We focus on impact, on actions that carry the potential to transform

All our actions are meant to create value for the community and be a reliable source of information and solutions. We are dedicated to making a positive impact.

We realize that this is possible only with the right people. They are our most important assets and the true drivers of change.

We like to make sure they have the right environment to grow, develop professionally, and when the time comes, put their knowledge in the service of the community.


In a short time we have managed to
become a positive influence in the community


Our most valuable resource are the people involved in making everything work

Emma Foica

Event & Community Manager

Hello! I’m Emma, the Community & Events Manager at Oradea Tech Hub, where I’m dedicated to creating vibrant connections within the tech community. My role involves orchestrating engaging events that keep the community active and interconnected. I focus on facilitating networking opportunities that empower professionals to build meaningful relationships and foster collaboration. I take pride in cultivating a space where innovation thrives and every event catalyzes growth and new possibilities. My goal is to maintain a pulse on what keeps our community inspired, designing experiences that connect people and celebrate the dynamic spirit of our tech landscape.

Kiraly Mark

Executive Director

Hello, I'm Mark, the Executive Director at Oradea Tech Hub, where my passion lies in building a thriving tech community. My work revolves around fostering connections, encouraging growth, and creating an environment where both individuals and companies can flourish. I love networking and developing partnerships that strengthen our ecosystem, making Oradea an inspiring place for IT professionals and freelancers alike. Guiding our vision with strategic goals, I'm committed to crafting programs that support learning and development, making every day an opportunity to innovate and connect. My mission is to make Oradea the go-to destination for tech enthusiasts looking to grow and succeed together.

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