Partners have access to unique perks and special powers

Become a partner

Together we can build the ecosystem
that we all want and need

Develop your own projects within the community or support ours

Everything that we have been able to do so far is due to the involvement of our partners. At the same time we have created an environment where our partners can grow their business, where they meet other experts and peers and where they can build their own support system.  We are an environment of growth.

Main sponsor

Our main sponsor is our lead supporter and the one that is mentioned in every press release or communication material, also it has decision power for community project involvement


Partners are the main decision makers for the direction of the community and they automatically become members of the administrative council.

Community leaders

Community leaders usually are selected from each partner group, but it can work as an independent feature as long as the company represented has direct involvement in growing the community.

Become a partner

Be a driver of change