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Everything we do is for the benefit of our members and through their development we aim to achieve the evolution of the local community. We put ourselves in the service of others so that we become vectors of positive change.

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Alin Merches

CEO @Mobiversal & President of OTH

It was especially difficult in the beginning, but in the last couple of years we feel like companies are starting to understand this  mission of ours and more and more of them get involved in developing the ecosystem. I am really proud of the results of our work.

David Achim

Board member

I believe Oradea can become a destination for tech professionals and entrepreneurs thanks to the existing tech core, the mentality and the openness of the community and the quality of life this city offers.

Ovidiu Coman

Partener - Lateral Oradea

I have found common values in OTH and LATERAL: creativity, quality, ambition to take things further and to do things better and better. We will support all Oradea Tech Hub events and we’ll happily share our experience with the local tech community.

Mircea Bodog

VP of Engineering - Creatopy

I am truly impressed by the desire and capacity of a small group of people to put together events that amplify and promote what companies and professionals are doing to develop the community.

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1st floor, 410520

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