Techsperiences #5: Let’s talk Agile

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Nov 16, 2022 18:00

Techsperiences #5: Let’s talk Agile

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We had our 5th episode of the Techsperiences Meetup: Let’s talk Agile.

Because the community is our main focus, we chose a more interactive approach and we indeed talked Agile.

Together with Andrei Gliga and Bogdan Hadadea, we had an open discussion regarding different aspects of the Agile methodology and the new dynamic that it brings into tech companies.

Some of the topics we’ve discussed are:

- what is a Scrum Master?

- SM do’s and dont’s

- 6 stances of an SM

- levels of Agile coaching

- scrum master vs project manager

- dynamic of a SM within a team/company

Due to the great feedback and interest presented by you, the community, we are planning to come back to this subject soon.