Techsperience #3: Metaverse, NFTs and AI

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Aug 11, 2022 18:00

Techsperience #3: Metaverse, NFTs and AI

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The internet replacement debate and the discussions surrounding the metaverse and related topics were the subject of our third meetup episode. Denisa Osacenco, metaverse architect, artist, and co-founder of The Point Lab, as well as Timmy Ghiurău, metaverse and innovation expert, and co-founder of The Point Lab, joined us. Alejandro Díaz Ortiz, Chief AI Officer at Creatopy, moderated the conversation.

During the conversation, we delved into the intersection of Art, Science, Engineering, and Design, and explored the hot topics of the year: the metaverse, AI, and NFTs. We discussed the hype surrounding these topics and whether or not we should care. We also discussed how we can adapt to these new technologies, the missing gaps, and how we can make the most out of them.

Furthermore, we examined the balance between utility and efficiency and questioned how far we have come and how far is too far. We also discussed how these technologies can serve the needs and desires of human societies in a meaningful way.