Marketing Meetup #2

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Jul 28, 2022 18:00

Marketing Meetup#2: Verifiable Credentials and Ledger Database technologies at work in Ammunition Supply Chain

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Verifiable Credentials and the Trust over IP stack gained significant momentum in recent years, unlocking new levels of functionality and integration between systems. See how this technology is used in Bullet ID, a real-life implementation in one of the most privacy-sensitive fields: ammunition supply chains.

Meet our speakers

- Alex Oancea: Architect @ Qubiz and Co-Founder of BlooDoChallenge and Evobyte, with 12+ years in the IT industry, a teacher at multiple universities, and mentor at Coder Dojo Oradea.

- Cristian Talle: CTO of Bullet ID and Founder of Verio Technologies with 20+ years of experience in technical innovation/startups.