Marketing Meetup #3: Marketing Trends 2023

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Jan 19, 2023 18:00

Marketing Trends 2023

Adrian Domocoș Andreea Pătcaș Bogdan Cârlescu
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🎉Oradea Tech Hub will host the third - and first of this year - gathering of marketing professionals in the city!

As we move into the new year, businesses are looking to stay ahead of the curve by keeping an eye on the latest marketing trends. From the continued rise of social media marketing or AI to the increasing importance of data-driven decision-making, 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for marketers.

Together with Ciprian Trip - Product Marketing Advisor as our Moderator, we will be joined by:
⚈ Adrian Domocoș - Founder & CEO @Hot in social media
⚈ Bogdan Cârlescu - VP of Marketing @Creatopy
⚈ Andreea Pătcaș - Co-Owner @MDA Digital

Join us for the third Marketing Meetup, as, together with our panelists, we’ll explore some of the key trends that are expected to drive marketing success in the coming year while providing actionable insights for businesses looking to stay competitive.

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