Marketing Meetup #5

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Mar 9, 2023 18:00

Marketing Meetup #5: Personal Credibility over Personal Brand

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⚡ The marketing meetup held on 9th of March was centered around the significance of personal credibility and the effective ways to establish oneself as a credible figure on social media. ⚡

Drawing from his personal experience, Robert provided valuable insights that underscored the significance of making preparations before approaching someone and gaining a clear understanding of one's target audience prior to initiating contact. 🚀

🙏 We express our gratitude to all those who participated, and we look forward to welcoming you again in the future, with fresh topics and valuable insights to aid us in our marketing endeavors.

🙏 We would like to extend a special thanks to Robert for generously taking the time to join us, as well as to Creatopy for their unwavering support of their people.

We are thrilled to hear about your takeaways from the meetup and how it has contributed to your growth, so please feel free to contact us without hesitation. 🤩