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Job Description

We are seeking a skilled Security Engineer with a strong technology background and who possess communication, collaboration, and organizational skills. In this role you will be a member of a security team focused on delivering governance, risk, and compliance initiatives. This role will provide you with the opportunity to bring your skills to a growing team while being provided opportunities to learn and develop your security career.


  • Implementation of new use cases and detection rules:

         - Create reference log source configuration

         - Implementation of a rule for the detection of the security incident

         - Test the artefacts (unit tests)

         - Documentation of the tests

  • Tuning and maintenance of use cases/rules:

         - Verification of the implementation. Implementation of the improvement ideas

         - Tests of the changes

  • Regression tests:

         - Execution and documentation of automated tests of the use case rule set on demand

Note: Currently the rules are developed in QRadar and soon also in Microsoft Defender.

Project description:

Very big infrastructure with a lot of traffic and log ingestion. (240.000 log lines ingestion / second).

A strong interpretation of logs knowledge is needed, they are being parsed, normalized - there's a logic behind it.

The team is building logic rules/filters - using also regular expressions.

A long-term vision is required and having in mind a constant improvement of the rules you work with.

All rules are to detect potential attacks on several major German or European banking systems.


  • Knowledge of UNIX/Windows operating systems

         - Configuration of log sources

  • System-related programming/scripting languages

         - Python, Perl, PowerShell

         - Use of RestAPIs

  • Cybersecurity Skills

         - Sigma rules

         - MITRE ATT&CK Frameworks

         - MaGMa Use case Framework

  • Tools

         - QRadar

         - JIRA

         - Confluence

         - Aqua(test automation)

Nice to know :

  • How DSMs, CEPs, LSX work
  • How the QRadar Event Pipeline works (ingestion, DSM assignment, C/EP parsing, mapping & categorization…)
  • How QRadar handles time and sequences (device time vs. start time vs. storage time)
  • How temporal and predicate correlation works
  • How Rules and Building Blocks work (evaluation order, dependencies)
  • How Reference Sets/Maps/Tables work (creation, ttl, types, delays)
  • AQL

Company Description

Part of the Ratiodata Group, Accesa is a leading technology company headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, with offices in Oradea and Munich. Over the past 18 years, the company has been establishing itself as an employer of choice for IT professionals who are passionate about problem-solving through technology and want to have a measurable impact through their work. 

A trusted partner for major brands in Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Automotive, Accesa helps businesses embrace flexibility, adaptability, and evolution within their digital journey, through a large spectrum of tailored IT services, leveraging mainstream, niche, as well as legacy technologies.

Its sister-company RaRo delivers complex digital evolution solutions for highly regulated industries like Insurance and Banking and, together, the two companies cover the complete digital evolution journey of their customers, from hardware to software and managed services solutions.

With more than 1,000 IT professionals in its 12 Competence Areas and 5 Technical Offices, the two sister companies join forces to build a distinctive people-first culture that enables their people to thrive, their clients’ business to evolve and end-users to succeed. 

Your team

Being in the early stages of collaboration, we’re enjoying a growing team with diverse skills, from DevOps Engineers and Application Management Engineers to Observability Engineers and Service Managers. In terms of efficiency, our core is focused on strong communication, both within the team and with our peers from customer side. We’re ready to support ramp-ups and deliveries, as well as facilitate sustainable learning paths for each member. All in all, we strive to enjoy the work we do, both individually and as a team.

Real impact one step at a time

You will have an impact on the project’s evolution, as well as the chance to contribute with your own ideas and expertise in building a successful relation with the client.

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