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About the project

Working for large scale clients in manufacturing, automotive, food industry, we harness knowledge across multiple industries. Having already changed the way departments like finance & accounting, IT helpdesk, and business reporting work, we help our clients to understand, map out, prioritize and optimize their internal processes. Our projects vary from PoCs or pilots that support clients in exploring the RPA technical ecosystem, to large scale projects destined to expand the RPA impact within the clients’ business, to internal and R&D project that facilitate experimenting with new technologies and perfecting our skills.  

Your team

We’re problem solvers and believe that we become better when we work together. We nurture a culture that enables transparent communication and knowledge sharing. You’ll join a team comprised of over 30 members, with different levels of seniority, including Quality Engineer, Software Developers, Technical Lead, Architect, Business Analyst and Business Consultant.

Your role

  • Grow your RPA knowledge, based on a strong foundation of an OOP based programming language
  • Understand processes, engineer requirements and design RPA solutions
  • Be a key member of the operation life cycle and project team
  • Understand our customer’s ecosystem and envision how it can be automated with the help of RPA
  • Share your knowledge with colleagues on topics such as design patterns and principles, software engineering best practices, agile development process

Professional opportunities

As a RPA Software Engineer, you will participate in all aspects of the software development lifecycle of software systems that make use of digital robots to automate customer’s business processes. You will enjoy designing and implementing projects end to end,  UiPath certification support, having direct interaction with the client, visible impact on end users and a diverse career path that includes roles such as Team/Technical Lead, Architect and Consultant.

Community insights

You will be involved in a community that aims to use business process analysis and optimization to leverage modern automation platforms, improve customer experience and encourage efficiency, proactivity and continuous improvement. We encourage debates and sharing ideas regarding the current ways of working and offer a framework to develop skills towards smart automation.


  • Minimum 2 years of professional experience in developing RPA applications with UiPath
  • Good knowledge of OOP
  • Experience using various SQL database systems
  • Technical mindset with great attention to detail and a solution-oriented perspective
  • Ability to quickly understand new processes and model them as software applications
  • Client-facing or consulting experience is highly preferred
  • Fluent written and spoken English
  • Willing to develop
  • IT Integration process modeling
  • IT Consulting skills

Job Benefits

  • People-first company culture We invest in creating genuine connections with all the people we work with.
  • Flatter organisation We're able to make better, faster decisions, based on the now.
  • Self-driven career development You're in charge of your professional journey.
  • Impactful and challenging projects Make a difference for global brands and their millions of customers, within both regulated and non-regulated industries.
  • Courage to ask and understand, explore and develop the solutions that have a real impact
  • People who work for us, those who work with us, and those who use the platforms and systems we engineer
  • Insight (developed and shared across the community) to know the right thing to focus on and commit to the actions that ensure we capitalise on it
  • Progress made through the consistent development of ourselves, our connection to each other, our clients, and the trust we consistently nurture throughout all our collaborations

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